huahin trip

Hi everyone,sorry for being gone for a while.Last week about 25-27 January 2010 I went to Huahin for long week end with my old school friends.Without planing, we drove to our place first meanwhile we pass “Plearn Wan”,Hua Hin’s first live museum.So we plan to come visit this place in the evening after we put our stuff at hotel.

Our resort looked so nice ,the interior including architecture are so lovely and divisibly.

This Huahin period was very nice weather and cooled breeze.We arriveed at “Plearn Wan” around 3.45pm.Plearn wan is new style travel of HuaHin have  a designed to decorative resemble Eco vintage village in time, your mother father our youth are still young.That we know of with Appliances in the past as well fashion dress in the past.Plearn wan have Restaurant,Coffee shop, clothes shop,Candy shop and liquor shop in times past.In area plearn wan also decorated place provide for the photograph for the ordinary to keep a souvenir.

decorated place provide for the photograph for the ordinary to keep a souvenir.

great inspiration place with some element that hardly to find

candy shop that sell only no longer produce snack.

Yeah!!We had a lot of fun at this place so much that we forget about time,the next place would be”Ta Rad To Rung”.I will publish the story for more next time ,cause I’m so really tired now : )Good night .The time is 2.31 am. now.Ahh feeling so sleepy so much work to do for tomorrow —



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    ก็เพิ่งชวนเมื่อวานแล้วไง ปิดเทอม

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