Here is my new recommend band “Delphic” from Marple Bridge, near Stockport, United Kingdom.An Alternative dance,pop electronic with great sound mixing. They have 4 members including Richard Boardman ,Matt Cocksedge James Cook and Dan Hadley.Their Debut album call “Acolyte” was also described as “on kissing terms with magnificence” by Simon Price of the Independent.Songs from the Album, including “Counterpoint” from their first EP, and “Doubt” from their debut album have achieved mainstream success on YouTube, contributing to Acolyte’s strong first week sales in the UK.


4 thoughts on “DOUBT ?

  1. yanins says:

    was about to post about this band too, but have been to lazy! they’re also my favourite at the moment now!!

  2. yep, this band also one in my favorite band ((:
    i love his song, lyrics, and mv very much !

    very inspring ❤
    nice to found you here
    you and yours are amzing ! (;

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