I’ve just watched this movie last night and I can guarantee you that it’s one of my favorite top list movies.

The Title of Up in the air was direct by Gareth Smith and Jenny Lee of Shadowplay Studio.

Shadowplay Studios’ opening title sequence for director Jason Reitman’s “Up in the Air” intoxicates them with neatly happenstance compositions of a casual topology from a commuter’s perspective with music by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings that savors common ground. Just below the stratosphere there is our gaze and our patterns. We’re big, we’re small.

They said that there were a lot of concept in their mind when they first saw the script.

One of the concept in their mind is that related  a lot at postcards from the 60s and 70s,

specifically ones that feature incredibly dull locations to the title

If you want to see how they work it out ,you should go to this link : )

The Art of Title


2 thoughts on “UP IN THE AIR

  1. petchiiez says:

    “Up” ‘s another must-see movie I suggested!
    นกอีก๋อยย ก๋อย ก๋อยย

  2. Bejuk™ says:

    ชอบ opening เรื่้องนี้เหมือนกัน =)

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