Yeah!!Finally My Draft artworks for Aj.Pomm jitpratuk from Be>our>friend

is done and published on Siam center side-wall.These are the pictures from Siam Center.

It’s really funny that me and my friends went to see and we took some photograph of these but the guard saw us and try to

chase after us so we ran and hide for a while ,then we came to take some of pictures again after he’s gone.

And these are the sketch that I draft from illustrator.It took me a long time to finish them.

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9 thoughts on “BE>OUR>FRIEND 2

  1. happygraff says:

    that’s terrific!!!!i’d love to go taking photoes na pinkkk!!!!!suay verrrr pai leawww kon nee:-D

  2. tanch07 says:

    i like this work so much but why it have metal ah?

  3. gam cd says:

    omgggg p’pinkkkkk!! suay makkkkkkk kaaaaaa

  4. petchiiez says:

    Love it!

    ur drafting skill was fantastic-four!

  5. tanch07 says:

    You will be one of charactor on heroes season 5, drafting girl!!!!!.

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