Suzy Poling

Here is another great inspiration website “Suzy Poling”,photographer who took these amazing pictures

All photographs are taken in various locations across the U.S. as well as certain locations in Europe. Locations include: Abandoned Mental Hospitals, an out of service Doctor’s Office, Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, Shipwrecks, The Ocean and collaborations in assorted places.

Living in the age of the Industrial decline, I photograph defunct amusement parks, transformed organic objects and mental hospitals seen through a fantastical lens. My work talks about the everlasting disenchantment of escapism and how cyclical forces of nature can triumph.

I think there is a subtle space between time and memory, where materials continuously exist in unusual ways. I am navigating through landscapes and rooms that capsulate objects of identity, hope, trauma, entertainment and comfort. I visit these places to experience how light moves through the spaces and how unspoken energy remains. I feel that I either describe allegorical scenes that hold hidden narratives or I isolate textured and formal objects with a sympathetic view on absurdity and the grotesque.

“There is no foreground or background, only a continuity of interlacing relationships” – – – But does it float

If you check “Wonderland of Decay” set in the website I believe that these local was so familiar to the scene that shoot music video for DELPHIC – This momentary but it might not ; P

wonderland delphic this momentary


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