03 I wanna say…Stylebless and P1oy

Yeah,today there’re another 2 graphic designer that I’ve met for a while but never have time to write story about them.We all met in Facebook.God I love facebook,seriously it’s really gave me lots of connection that I’ve never known before.

First,introducing you Stylebless or Pongsakorn Thongsuk(P’Bless).I’ve met him first time in wordpless but we don’t know each other just post recommended works and admired  each others,and I found him in Behance too.We’re like blogger that traveling a lot in every great site : P .I really love his work especially this one a lot because I’m in love with craft you can say that.

Please go to check his blog if you really want to how he made this.And finally we’re friend in facebook : ) and hopefully will meet each other one day.


Other one is my senior but she retired in 2nd year,so she’s no longer Faculty of Fine and Applied art student but I’ve met her in Facebook.

P’Zae or Ploy Lumthong , one of great skill Thai designer that have been abroad to Paris : P Yeah!! Wish I could go too. For me she’s really good looking woman who have good perspective too. She won many award from design contest.We know each other by she added me a friend in facebook,told that she liked my blog : )) Really happy haha.I still don’t know lots about her but we might be a good friend in the future now I looked up to her as a sister who has high ambition in her in her life,looking for success in this career : ) “Aim High”,really high from the way you stand and struggle to reach that point.

some of her works you can find in her site : )


Yeah!! This is for today,I might be gone for short time to do some of my remaining projects…..3 oh no that’s 5, I guess I’ll show you some of them.Here ,there are….

“Graphic of Lyrics”,inspiration of my favorite songs to graphic poster or artwork.

Graphic of Lyrics

My unfinished Free Flash Website.

pnk*38 pink 38 chatchanok wongvachara flash free website graphic design designer thai thailand

Some experimental embroider works.

Brochure for my Faculty

And others contest or participate projects like Citid/Somewhere Thai/Against Child Slavery  etc. bla bla…Damn it!! this is more than 5 ???…… I really don’t know which and when I’m going to do and finish.

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10 thoughts on “03 I wanna say…Stylebless and P1oy

  1. Bejuk™ says:

    ชอบงานเหมือนกัน งานสวยๆ

    • PNK*38 says:

      อ่าว พี่เบลจบจากคณะไหนอะคะ : ))

      • Bejuk™ says:


    • PNK*38 says:

      อ่าว จิงดิ 5555+ สวัสดีค่าาา

  2. Stylebless says:

    I do love your work as well na kub ^^

  3. RIETY says:

    เข้ามากรี๊ดดดด >[]<!!! ปั๋นเองค่ะ
    ชอบโครงกระดูกมากมาย แสงเงาพี่พิงค์แม่นสุดยอด =[]=b

  4. petchiiez says:

    Simply. Chic.

  5. kamonnart says:

    i was shocked. you are so crazy!!!! love the bone one 🙂

    • PNK*38 says:

      the bones one aren’t the finishing work na ja .You can see the final work in my facebook and I’ll post the finish one in my new port too : )

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