Fashion Photoshoot project 1

Sorry for not updating for a while  : P . I have tried something new here. I just bought DSLR camera Nikon D5000 around 24000-26000 B that I have more time to spend and learn about Fashion and photography.

This is my homework for Fashion photo project class.

Fashion photo classFashion photo classFashion photo class-03

I would love to give the credits to these people too.They’re my friends : )

Ngonngon the model ,Timotiae for the cloth stylish , Centimeter for the cloth & location ,Nadia for the camera and P’Noom


credit information
MODEL : Ngonngon

PHOTOGRAPHER : me (pnk*38)

DRESS & BAG : timotiae (My stylish) and Petchiize

Here this is the link of the full version of bag design
LOCATION : centimeter‘s condo and he also is a stylish too.
RETOUCHING : me (pnk*38)

And ofcause Credits to my new supporter hahaha

My new Camera Nikon D5000

And My New 15 inch mac book pro I5


6 thoughts on “Fashion Photoshoot project 1

  1. timotiae says:

    my coat and bag really working it! eiei

  2. Stylebless says:

    Woww!!! I wanna have one ” mac book pro I5 “

  3. natha2 says:


  4. equinoxeg says:

    Really like your style!!! Keep making those tone of awesome works, cheers!!

  5. petchiiez says:

    very simply-chic!

    ตั้งชื่อให้ mac ด้วยดิ มันเก๋ดี

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