Long time non-updating…sorry : P I didn’t have much time to do about blog and personal project ; (

This is my new photo shoot for fashion photo class. My friend “PetchiieZ”  has done this fashion set for

university competition and she’s representative for Chulalongkorn University : )

And these are my fashion photoshoot for her concept.

My latest collection forFashion Focus Evolution, true inside TV show.

They gave me -2 thai cotton fabrics to create one evening wear. 1 week.

This was the competition of my University, Chula, vs Thammasart.


I launch this concept which inspired from Thai-rustic way of life

combined with Cities-urban life; Deconstruction of Pattern, grid & modernize.

This is her lookbook style.

For more,please check her blog : )

credit information
PHOTOGRAPHER : me (pnk*38)
DRESS : Petchiiez
RETOUCHING : me (pnk*38)

STUDIO : Faculty of  Communication Arts


3 thoughts on “rusticites

  1. natha2 says:


  2. […] rest is here:  rusticites « Life is Experimental By admin | category: CHULALONGKORN University | tags: CHULALONGKORN University, […]

  3. petchiiez says:

    โอ้ยย รักพิ้ง ให้กอด ❤

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