Amazing scene of 1959

Yesterday I just watched “Sleeping Beauty” and I’m so amazing that This film was produced since 1959!! It’s still classic and the scenery are so beautiful that lots of animation film I have seen never be compared to it

The film was directed by Les Clark, Eric Larson, and Wolfgang Reitherman, under the supervision of Clyde Geronimi. The film was based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault, with additional story work by Joe Rinaldi, Winston Hibler, Bill Peet, Ted Sears, Ralph Wright, and Milt Banta. The film’s musical score and songs, featuring the work of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, are arrangements or adaptations of numbers from the 1890 Sleeping Beauty ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Sleeping Beauty was the first animated feature to be photographed in the Techniramawidescreen process. The film was presented in Super Technirama 70 and 6-channel stereophonic sound in first-run engagements. Only one other animated film, Disney’s The Black Cauldron, was shot in Technirama.    ——–    wikipedia

And there are more of beautiful picture that I cap from the film in HD : )

This is some part of the movie ,my favorite part is when 3 fairies gave wishes to the princess Aurora .The picture of this moment are so inspiring and very beautiful .The motion , the color and the concept design showed and communicated every meaning details.

The scenery and the character design team has done very good work here and as I said so , I’m still amazed that this was produced in 1959!!!

OMG , Lots of Disney film was a great inspiration for childhood ,made children want to read ,draw and created many imagination things and I’m one of those children who grown up with these fairy tales animation since I was a kid and I’m still in love with them.


2 thoughts on “Amazing scene of 1959

  1. Parinyawat says:

    พิงค์ แกมี Beauty and the beast ป่าว ? อยากดูเรื่องนี้มากเลย

  2. PNK*38 says:

    มี ทั้ง DVD และแบบ download จาก torrent มาเลยเอาแบบไหนอ่ะ

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