I found that this works of mine that I have done in Creative Design Magazine class of Aj.Araya is quite interesting ; ) This works has formed up the concept in team that I have done with my friend “Plaimanas”.The concept called “Metropolis kid” And if you interest please take a visit to my friend blog,she has done this project as well Happygraff

It’s an experimental magazine that design in any concept that ups to the target of your idea.GURU magazine was  an expert magazine for Bangkok teenager.My Target group is for men living in high-society,have a fun night life every week use brand name stuff and ride sport-car : P

All of  Magazine cover was to experiment and challenge myself to put the logo in the middle of magazine itself so it might be difficult to create some piece that can be flexible but I think I can and my instructor told me that I’ve done quite well because it’s new and unique.

By the order the first one is a concept of “Night life” so I use picture of Neon and night club just to make the feeling of Fun night with Neon light.

The second one use illustration , just to show life style of target group.

The third one use typography ,showing a concept of metropolis and living in high building.

And The last two are final works that my instructor choose , complete with the concept and tactics in itself

This one want to show the concept of being drunk by the feeling of color and typography that hard to look ,with the meaning of text “Oh Sh*t I think i forgot what i did last night at Thonglor night club”

This one want show the pattern that looks like Louis Vuitton but if you look in to it ,the objects are all about Bangkok.

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One thought on “GURU

  1. happygraff says:

    all are my fave <3<3
    really love yourssss!:)

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