Inspired illustration week 1 and Collage

Recently,I just have a lots of works and don’t have time to do any illustration or experimental graphic but here I would like to share some of my works class

that I also have time to try Fashion collage look style for Dimensional graphic book and Graphic mood board information.

Also I would like to introduce my friend’s blog ” Timo t i a e” , he has many wonderful Fashion Graphic collage works that better than mine and great perspective of Fashion design.If you have time please visit his works in his blog here : )

And these are some of my works that just started for last week and also in the next couple of month ,each weeks I have to do graphic works more than 50 pieces (That’s a lot and it can kill me )

Thanks for watching : )

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4 thoughts on “Inspired illustration week 1 and Collage

  1. kamonnart says:

    love them ka. suay.

  2. happygraff says:


  3. timotiae- says:

    very nice btw, thanks ja

  4. petchiiez says:

    love this collection! so cute;)

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