Inspired illustration week 3

This week my dimensional graphic class gave us to made an illustration that inspired from 2 famous illustrator “Julie Verhoeven” and “m/m Paris” style

to answer my lifestyle’s question such as ,What’s purpose of dating ? Do you believe in premarital sex? What does your room look like?

  • Julie Verhoeven is an artist and designer based in London.

After studying fashion she began her career assisting John Galliano before working in the fashion industry as a designer, illustrator, creative director and tutor.

  • M/M (Paris) is an art and design partnership consisting of Mathias Augustyniak (b. 1967, Cavaillon) and Michael Amzalag (b. 1968, Paris)[1], established in Paris in 1992.

This week I’ve worked for 20 pieces of design and here are some of them : )

And there’re still many more from my first week and second week too,hope to find sometime update this : )

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One thought on “Inspired illustration week 3

  1. happygraff says:

    i really heart<3<3 your m/m parisssss illussss pinkkk:-D i'll update mine later:-D

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