W We Craze

Long time no post : P I’m working on research of final thesis and working on freelance so I didn’t have time to update my blog,really miss it . This time I’m proudly to present my latest work for Slowmotion design with other 3 great illustrator of Thailand.

  • Terawat  Teankaprasith  Great ,talented and Famous senior illustrator  .You can see his works in many famous brand of Fashion and Graphic like PAINKILLER and SRETSIS .
  • Jeep Kongdechakul Talented and unique illustrator .Soon she will open Her new The Factory Studio&ArtHouse  “The factory is an Institute that pass along the knowledge, understanding in ART & DESIGN, for kids, teenagers or anyone who are interested in art. courses varies for different age group from basic level to advanced level”The Factory Studio & ArtHouse is located in Ruamrudee soi 2 ,it will open soon please come to visit if you interested.
  • Phithan Thachanithi friend of Terawat Teankaprasith . He’s really talented in water color art skill, even though I didn’t have a chance to get to know him like the other 2 designers above,but I’m really admired him as a very talented senior designer.

So These are our works on project W We are Craze for editor collection that have 4 famous magazine’s editor  of Thailand came to pick shoes for collection and we drew shoes in our own style.If you want to see more ,magazines are available at Accessory part of 1st floor at Paragon in Shoes zone.The magazine is free ,feel free to pick.

I have took a snap for some of them.

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