My name is Chatchanok Wongvachara “PINK” , 23 years old designer from BKK, Thailand ,Graduated from Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Fine and Applied art major Creative Graphic design .I began to interested in art since I was born .My Father and my brother has a gift of art and design so I think I have a good practice from them since I was a kid. I’m in love with graphic design and learn to study photoshop by myself since I was 14. I believe that “Life is experimental” because I believe life is fun and there’re too many things for me to learn and discover so I change those attitude about my art to become part of my life and let’s fun with it.Source of my inspiration can come from many place around me especially from music and people.

I do love to do drawing/illustration mix with photography works.And I love to do hand craft works as well.For me making something from hand is really attractive, such as drawing and handmade style and yet it’s still fun and have more dimension than other style.And for the most important thing is Idea too.


One thought on “ABOUT ME

  1. Wonderful, artistic and highly mature design work. You are extremely talented.

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