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My Cup of Tea : Disaya winter collection 2012

I’ve been waiting to publish this artwork collection for a while.My work in Disaya illustration “My cup of Tea” please support .



Art Director : Terawat Teankaprasith
illustration : Chatchanok Wongvachara
Concept Idea : Kamonnart Ong

Photo from : Disaya Facebook

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Start Blogging again after long time no post .This project is for My Social Motion charity community that gather 100 people to create some change for society by art.There are celebrity, artist, designer and many more that feature with this program also myself.

My social motion is a social enterprise established to connect, inspire, and empower people and organizations to make a profound, lasting, and multiplying difference in the world.There first project (IDEACUBES) is a Citywide Ideas Exhibition in Bangkok to inspire greater Citizen Social Responsibility in Thailand. 100 simple ideas that people can take action, turned into 100 amazing pieces of art by 100 of awesome artists, and these 100 IDEACUBES were exhibited throughout Bangkok from April-May to invite the public to take action.

My selected idea is about Don’t walk and smoke on the street.The illustration “Footstep of Destroyer” told the story about fading effect and destroying things by smoke that walk and surround in the plastic box like when you walk and smoke in public nature and lives are hurt little by little like fading effect that cause slowly destruction.

So the campaign went well ,I have an opportunity to making friends with other artist that I don’t know and also we hope that our work could have change or giving some effect to the society more or less.


The size of Artwork is 1 metre x 1 metre  , drawing on paper.

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My new Blog “Into The Sound”

Hey Everyone,I open new blog “INTO THE SOUND” about music community of Electronica indie pop and rock music. It’ss is just a group that create to share my taste of music and open widely to listen any new sound if you want to share with me too .Also I will update creative music and music video to you every week : )

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My source of inspiration

Today I would like to share my source of inspiration “American Showcase Illustration” book , I can call that this is from my father’s legacy .I found this book while I was cleaning old stuff . This book was published in 1986 before I was born .It’s full with many inspiration works that you can’t find in internet anymore ; ) .And all of old stuff I have found have many interesting and inspiring books for more than 50-60 books I guess .There’re plenty of Vouge 1988-1990 covers and many photography books ,also Art history style in many period such as “Painting in Louvre” “impressionism” ,thank you to my father : ) even he passed away ,he always be my role model and I love him so much and always will be.

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Slowmotion internship – first week

Sorry for being disappear for a while,I’m starting for internship at Slowmotion Design and I would  like to say that it’s an honor to be a part of this team.I have gone with my Silpakorn University friend “PAPA”,I think I will do internship for about 1-2 month,wish me good luck : ) Our first project here was to help staff created some pieces of illustration for Siam Center Fashion Photo-shoot : ) . Art director of this project is P’Pailyn Juksuwatchara and P’Phongsak Limsuriyaporn : )

Slowmotion is a Bangkok based design studio that believes in limitless creativity and having a good
time. Our aim is to produce creative design and commercial art based upon ideas with an accessible artistic touch. Slowmotion philosophy is also driven by emotional landscape as well as outrageous creativity and sneaky practicality.

Don’t even think it, just feel.

Slowmotion specializes in print and digital graphic – from music to fashion, art organization to corporate identity.

And we have shoot photo-shoot on the last Saturday , I just went to watch and help for little things.

For More
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Talk to me

Wow,Today I ‘m so glad to introduce some of my works and interview in website or some of magazine online stuff !! Since My first semester this year ,My works have been published in some several magazine and online article : )

And Here are my other interview from Advance Photoshop magazine that pubplished in UK and my junior student “Tarin or TAB” has published his work here too : )

In Display Magazine  issue 42 “Gallery” part , if you interest to read ,you can download in Window or Mac version here. And there are some mistake in this .My internship was at conscious not at consciuosness !! haha : P

And some other are from blog or online article : ) ,by the way thank you so much for keep supporting my works





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Amazing scene of 1959

Yesterday I just watched “Sleeping Beauty” and I’m so amazing that This film was produced since 1959!! It’s still classic and the scenery are so beautiful that lots of animation film I have seen never be compared to it

The film was directed by Les Clark, Eric Larson, and Wolfgang Reitherman, under the supervision of Clyde Geronimi. The film was based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault, with additional story work by Joe Rinaldi, Winston Hibler, Bill Peet, Ted Sears, Ralph Wright, and Milt Banta. The film’s musical score and songs, featuring the work of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, are arrangements or adaptations of numbers from the 1890 Sleeping Beauty ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Sleeping Beauty was the first animated feature to be photographed in the Techniramawidescreen process. The film was presented in Super Technirama 70 and 6-channel stereophonic sound in first-run engagements. Only one other animated film, Disney’s The Black Cauldron, was shot in Technirama.    ——–    wikipedia

And there are more of beautiful picture that I cap from the film in HD : )

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Into the mirror

Hello friends I’m writing new post again before I go to Italy,that’s I will be gone for 5-6 days ,I guest : P

Here My finished poster of “Graphic and lyrics” project from the song “Minus the Bear – Into the Mirror”

And for this I decided to send this poster for Advance photoshop Student showcase 2010.

It’s like or some kind of design competition ,I think.By that you have to send three of your best recommended yourself design/works to this project and be participated in their magazine.

which will be featured in the July issue, is now in its fourth year and past participants have gone on to great things. If you want to have your work printed in the magazine, then as long as you are currently studying a digital art-related course at higher education level, you’re eligible to enter. It doesn’t matter if you’re into graphic design or digital painting, photomanipulation or illustration, as long as Photoshop is part of your workflow, we want to see what you can do!

It quite really interesting to do this project because your work might be feature in this magazine. Promoting yourself . IT’S SO AWESOME!!!! But that’s not a lot of time now ,counting from this day I only have 2 weeks left to do more 2 artworks. Interesting right? Thanks to my junior “Tab” who told me to send works in.Ofcause he would send his works too : ) Thanks a lot BRO!! We hope to be featured in this issue so much haha!!!

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03 I wanna say…Stylebless and P1oy

Yeah,today there’re another 2 graphic designer that I’ve met for a while but never have time to write story about them.We all met in Facebook.God I love facebook,seriously it’s really gave me lots of connection that I’ve never known before.

First,introducing you Stylebless or Pongsakorn Thongsuk(P’Bless).I’ve met him first time in wordpless but we don’t know each other just post recommended works and admired  each others,and I found him in Behance too.We’re like blogger that traveling a lot in every great site : P .I really love his work especially this one a lot because I’m in love with craft you can say that.

Please go to check his blog if you really want to how he made this.And finally we’re friend in facebook : ) and hopefully will meet each other one day.


Other one is my senior but she retired in 2nd year,so she’s no longer Faculty of Fine and Applied art student but I’ve met her in Facebook.

P’Zae or Ploy Lumthong , one of great skill Thai designer that have been abroad to Paris : P Yeah!! Wish I could go too. For me she’s really good looking woman who have good perspective too. She won many award from design contest.We know each other by she added me a friend in facebook,told that she liked my blog : )) Really happy haha.I still don’t know lots about her but we might be a good friend in the future now I looked up to her as a sister who has high ambition in her in her life,looking for success in this career : ) “Aim High”,really high from the way you stand and struggle to reach that point.

some of her works you can find in her site : )


Yeah!! This is for today,I might be gone for short time to do some of my remaining projects…..3 oh no that’s 5, I guess I’ll show you some of them.Here ,there are….

“Graphic of Lyrics”,inspiration of my favorite songs to graphic poster or artwork.

Graphic of Lyrics

My unfinished Free Flash Website.

pnk*38 pink 38 chatchanok wongvachara flash free website graphic design designer thai thailand

Some experimental embroider works.

Brochure for my Faculty

And others contest or participate projects like Citid/Somewhere Thai/Against Child Slavery  etc. bla bla…Damn it!! this is more than 5 ???…… I really don’t know which and when I’m going to do and finish.

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Flash Website For Free?

Let’s check this out!!! “YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN FLASH WEBSITE FOR FREE!!!”with simple and easy function.I just try it out today.

Congratulation to those who don’t know how to use flash or dreamweaver,Yeah!! I just found this website,but I have to keep it secret first,until I try it and I will tell you later:P hehe SO SPOILED!!!

Seriously,I really don’t know how to use flash(but I do know how to use dreamweaver).I’m not good at flash website design 😛 Really hope that someday I’ll try to study the CSS or HTML language but’s a little bit too hard for me.Hope I could learn this in year 3 from my instructor.

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