Merry-Goes-Around : Disaya Spring Summer 2012

I’ve been waiting to publish this artwork collection for a while. This collection has been working since my last intern at Slowmotion. I’ve got help from Great Thai illustrator as my Art director (Have to keep his name for secret) and my friend “Papa” of Silpakorn University worked together for this illustration.Inspiration of this project came from kaleidoscope.Please support This collection : )

Disaya navigates you through the carnival phantasm this Spring/Summer 2012! Come join us on our “Merry-Goes-Around” ride then floating in serene ferris wheel and enjoy the voyage that will pick you off your feet and make your heart skips a beat!

The fun begins this WEEKEND with our Spring/Summer collection that you ladies have been waiting for…Available at all Disaya stores ♥♥♥

Some First Sketch

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Illustrator Around the World

Today I met with “Pablo ientile” the Motion graphic designer and also illustrator of Argentina : )

He came to visit Thailand and we did some project together on for “Illustration Around the worlds ”

“Illustration around the world” is a project by Pablo ientile about travelling, drawing and meeting artists in Asia from 15 sept to 29 feb.

It’s very nice to meet you and I’m so honored to be a part of this project : D

If you would like to know more please visit his website and blog.

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Girls Night Out

I’ve worked for Brand Sleeping pills for scarf design in concept of Feminine and Beauty of woman called “Girls Night Out” and now for sell on website .Please take a visit : ) Sleeping Pills

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Grand Palace : Renovated

My Independent design class that I can choose whatever project that I want to do.

So I decide to renovate my old Grand Palace project .

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Independent : Siam On Third

Hi!!! I just finished my 1st semester and here are my graphic project for independent design class that I choose to do.

And please recognize that this project is for only experiment ideas ,non of this used for real.It’s like a personal project.

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W We Craze

Long time no post : P I’m working on research of final thesis and working on freelance so I didn’t have time to update my blog,really miss it . This time I’m proudly to present my latest work for Slowmotion design with other 3 great illustrator of Thailand.

  • Terawat  Teankaprasith  Great ,talented and Famous senior illustrator  .You can see his works in many famous brand of Fashion and Graphic like PAINKILLER and SRETSIS .
  • Jeep Kongdechakul Talented and unique illustrator .Soon she will open Her new The Factory Studio&ArtHouse  “The factory is an Institute that pass along the knowledge, understanding in ART & DESIGN, for kids, teenagers or anyone who are interested in art. courses varies for different age group from basic level to advanced level”The Factory Studio & ArtHouse is located in Ruamrudee soi 2 ,it will open soon please come to visit if you interested.
  • Phithan Thachanithi friend of Terawat Teankaprasith . He’s really talented in water color art skill, even though I didn’t have a chance to get to know him like the other 2 designers above,but I’m really admired him as a very talented senior designer.

So These are our works on project W We are Craze for editor collection that have 4 famous magazine’s editor  of Thailand came to pick shoes for collection and we drew shoes in our own style.If you want to see more ,magazines are available at Accessory part of 1st floor at Paragon in Shoes zone.The magazine is free ,feel free to pick.

I have took a snap for some of them.

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Life Time

After working with P’Taechit in Collaboration in Duotone for Computer arts .I have an idea to make illustration in my own concept by using old illustrate from this project.The concept are the same in main idea of Path life time job of graphic designer .All of the gimmick are already communicated of the concept already,so I work and play with the lay-out and it becames like this ^^


These are unused part , and there are many more but I didn’t publish in the blog.

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Collaboration in Duotone

Last month I got a call from P’ Vichuda Kruehirun editorial staff of Computer arts Thailand magazine ,asked for me to participate in the project of Happy Anniversary for 2 years of Computer arts Thailand magazine.To work with other 5 young designer in different major.Each designer have to make a couple and work together for one project in one week. I have done collaboration work with Taechit Jiropaskosol, Motion Graphic Designer if you remembered I have already said about him in this article .We have work together in 7 days .I have done in illustration part and Taechit has done in motion graphic part.

Finally the project came out successfully .I must say thank you for Computer Arts Thailand that giving me this opportunity to work for fun : )

Our project named as “II” .We conceptualized the idea that about Graphic Designer path of life time job ,inspired by shape and form of optical illusion art to make it infinity even though our life(Designer) are working so hard but we still have fun with it.For more our project has been published in Computer Arts Thailand issue 25 with 2 more works form 4 designer : )

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Desire of Eden

This week I have been working on this project for new featuring in online magazine “Karma” that gonna launch first issue soon.

The concept that they want is Desire , so I have found some inspiration from the story of God created the world about Adam and Eve , refer to Genesis 3

The Serpent, “slyer than every beast of the field,” tempts the woman to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, telling her that it will make her more like God and it will not lead to death. After some thought about the fruit’s beauty and succulence, and its ability to grant wisdom, the woman decides to eat it. She then gives the fruit to the man, who eats also, “and the eyes of the two of them were opened.”

The Desire of human being made me create this piece of art about the apple that conceal some secret surrounding by Adam and Eve with many kinds of animal that so plentifully but it just not enough for human that always want to trial and error with everything.

All of this piece ,I have created by hand drawing but in the final work it almost look like I’ve done by illustrator program hahaha

I can’t choose the color at the first time so I compare them and decide to use the purple one because This color almost made the apple look like poisoned and purple is the color that can be relate to concept about Desire the most.

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Update new April 2011

This month is so busy , I really don’t have time to update my blog or anything .This is my latest illustration for Uk fashion brand and it’s still working on process : )

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