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Desire of Eden

This week I have been working on this project for new featuring in online magazine “Karma” that gonna launch first issue soon.

The concept that they want is Desire , so I have found some inspiration from the story of God created the world about Adam and Eve , refer to Genesis 3

The Serpent, “slyer than every beast of the field,” tempts the woman to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, telling her that it will make her more like God and it will not lead to death. After some thought about the fruit’s beauty and succulence, and its ability to grant wisdom, the woman decides to eat it. She then gives the fruit to the man, who eats also, “and the eyes of the two of them were opened.”

The Desire of human being made me create this piece of art about the apple that conceal some secret surrounding by Adam and Eve with many kinds of animal that so plentifully but it just not enough for human that always want to trial and error with everything.

All of this piece ,I have created by hand drawing but in the final work it almost look like I’ve done by illustrator program hahaha

I can’t choose the color at the first time so I compare them and decide to use the purple one because This color almost made the apple look like poisoned and purple is the color that can be relate to concept about Desire the most.

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