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Animalistic Instinct : Wallpaper* Cover Design for “SEE THE FUTURE” FEB 2013 ISSUE

Wallpaper Cover

cover design illustration

cover design illustration

Luke Worrall drawing portrait

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My Cup of Tea : Disaya winter collection 2012

I’ve been waiting to publish this artwork collection for a while.My work in Disaya illustration “My cup of Tea” please support .



Art Director : Terawat Teankaprasith
illustration : Chatchanok Wongvachara
Concept Idea : Kamonnart Ong

Photo from : Disaya Facebook

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I forgot to post this for a while.My works have been published in IdN vol : 19n2: Sexual Graphics (Visual Orgasm) ,Thank you so much.

My Page in IdN

It’s in article : Creative Country: Thailand

Can creativity unite a divided nation?
The land of smiles, paradisiacal beaches and Buddhist stoicism has recently been put to some severe tests, experiencing major political turmoil and calamitous natural disasters. But throughout it all, the creative community held fast – and the country’s advertising industry is even making inroads on international awards. Find out where today’s Thai scene is at with this lowdown from 11 of its leading artists/designers.

Tarin Yuangtrakul | Chatchanok Wongvachara | Eakkarlak Sangtongchai | Norrasak Ramasute | Prompt Design | Ise Ratta Ananphada | Suralert Jirawangso | Sulaimarn Poh-Asae | Paputh Nimchuar | Unchalee “Leee” Anantawat | Eyedropper Fill

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Start Blogging again after long time no post .This project is for My Social Motion charity community that gather 100 people to create some change for society by art.There are celebrity, artist, designer and many more that feature with this program also myself.

My social motion is a social enterprise established to connect, inspire, and empower people and organizations to make a profound, lasting, and multiplying difference in the world.There first project (IDEACUBES) is a Citywide Ideas Exhibition in Bangkok to inspire greater Citizen Social Responsibility in Thailand. 100 simple ideas that people can take action, turned into 100 amazing pieces of art by 100 of awesome artists, and these 100 IDEACUBES were exhibited throughout Bangkok from April-May to invite the public to take action.

My selected idea is about Don’t walk and smoke on the street.The illustration “Footstep of Destroyer” told the story about fading effect and destroying things by smoke that walk and surround in the plastic box like when you walk and smoke in public nature and lives are hurt little by little like fading effect that cause slowly destruction.

So the campaign went well ,I have an opportunity to making friends with other artist that I don’t know and also we hope that our work could have change or giving some effect to the society more or less.


The size of Artwork is 1 metre x 1 metre  , drawing on paper.

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แต่ง-งาน Thesis Exhibition of Creative Arts 24th

Yeah!! , so this work may be my last work for my faculty and soon I will graduate from Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts department of Creative Arts : Graphic design of Chulalongkorn University. My Thesis Exhibition will start the opening ceremony at CentralWorld 1st floor Atrium Zone about 6.00 pm.

These are all of the process that me and my friends work for visual concept of Wedding theme.

Our exhibition name is “แต่ง-งาน” support ตกแต่งงานด้วยความคิด to communicated that we are designer who decorate piece of work into design with our creative ideas.And so that we play with words in Thai of แต่ง + งาน so it have double meaning that mean for wedding too.

So we use key visual of wedding theme to decorate the poster.All of element from wedding to play and make our concept to become strong visual.

{แต่ง-งาน} : ตกแต่งงานด้วยความคิด : CREATIVE ARTS Chula 24th THESIS EXHIBITION
CREATIVE ARTS 24th THESIS EXHIBITION 2012Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
Department Of Creative ArtsProudly Present
{แต่ง-งาน} : ตกแต่งงานด้วยความคิด

ของนิสิตชั้นปีที่ 4 ภาควิชานฤมิตศิลป์ รุ่นที่ 24

วันที่ 2-4 เมษายน 2555
พิธีเปิด 2 เมษายน 2555
เวลา 18:00 น
Central world ชั้น 1 บริเวณ Atrium Zone

2-4 April, 2012
18:00 Opening ceremony
At Central World Department Store1st Floor, Atrium Zone

These are finish one and our process – style : digital painting : )

For more information please visit Our Facebook Page

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Girls Night Out

I’ve worked for Brand Sleeping pills for scarf design in concept of Feminine and Beauty of woman called “Girls Night Out” and now for sell on website .Please take a visit : ) Sleeping Pills

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Grand Palace : Renovated

My Independent design class that I can choose whatever project that I want to do.

So I decide to renovate my old Grand Palace project .

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W We Craze

Long time no post : P I’m working on research of final thesis and working on freelance so I didn’t have time to update my blog,really miss it . This time I’m proudly to present my latest work for Slowmotion design with other 3 great illustrator of Thailand.

  • Terawat  Teankaprasith  Great ,talented and Famous senior illustrator  .You can see his works in many famous brand of Fashion and Graphic like PAINKILLER and SRETSIS .
  • Jeep Kongdechakul Talented and unique illustrator .Soon she will open Her new The Factory Studio&ArtHouse  “The factory is an Institute that pass along the knowledge, understanding in ART & DESIGN, for kids, teenagers or anyone who are interested in art. courses varies for different age group from basic level to advanced level”The Factory Studio & ArtHouse is located in Ruamrudee soi 2 ,it will open soon please come to visit if you interested.
  • Phithan Thachanithi friend of Terawat Teankaprasith . He’s really talented in water color art skill, even though I didn’t have a chance to get to know him like the other 2 designers above,but I’m really admired him as a very talented senior designer.

So These are our works on project W We are Craze for editor collection that have 4 famous magazine’s editor  of Thailand came to pick shoes for collection and we drew shoes in our own style.If you want to see more ,magazines are available at Accessory part of 1st floor at Paragon in Shoes zone.The magazine is free ,feel free to pick.

I have took a snap for some of them.

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Life Time

After working with P’Taechit in Collaboration in Duotone for Computer arts .I have an idea to make illustration in my own concept by using old illustrate from this project.The concept are the same in main idea of Path life time job of graphic designer .All of the gimmick are already communicated of the concept already,so I work and play with the lay-out and it becames like this ^^


These are unused part , and there are many more but I didn’t publish in the blog.

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Desire of Eden

This week I have been working on this project for new featuring in online magazine “Karma” that gonna launch first issue soon.

The concept that they want is Desire , so I have found some inspiration from the story of God created the world about Adam and Eve , refer to Genesis 3

The Serpent, “slyer than every beast of the field,” tempts the woman to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, telling her that it will make her more like God and it will not lead to death. After some thought about the fruit’s beauty and succulence, and its ability to grant wisdom, the woman decides to eat it. She then gives the fruit to the man, who eats also, “and the eyes of the two of them were opened.”

The Desire of human being made me create this piece of art about the apple that conceal some secret surrounding by Adam and Eve with many kinds of animal that so plentifully but it just not enough for human that always want to trial and error with everything.

All of this piece ,I have created by hand drawing but in the final work it almost look like I’ve done by illustrator program hahaha

I can’t choose the color at the first time so I compare them and decide to use the purple one because This color almost made the apple look like poisoned and purple is the color that can be relate to concept about Desire the most.

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