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Update new April 2011

This month is so busy , I really don’t have time to update my blog or anything .This is my latest illustration for Uk fashion brand and it’s still working on process : )

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Slowmotion internship – first week

Sorry for being disappear for a while,I’m starting for internship at Slowmotion Design and I would  like to say that it’s an honor to be a part of this team.I have gone with my Silpakorn University friend “PAPA”,I think I will do internship for about 1-2 month,wish me good luck : ) Our first project here was to help staff created some pieces of illustration for Siam Center Fashion Photo-shoot : ) . Art director of this project is P’Pailyn Juksuwatchara and P’Phongsak Limsuriyaporn : )

Slowmotion is a Bangkok based design studio that believes in limitless creativity and having a good
time. Our aim is to produce creative design and commercial art based upon ideas with an accessible artistic touch. Slowmotion philosophy is also driven by emotional landscape as well as outrageous creativity and sneaky practicality.

Don’t even think it, just feel.

Slowmotion specializes in print and digital graphic – from music to fashion, art organization to corporate identity.

And we have shoot photo-shoot on the last Saturday , I just went to watch and help for little things.

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Happy Rabbit Year : )

Happy New year 2011 everyone and it’s gonna be a better year : ) Best wish from me

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Love of Rock n’ Roll

I’m working on illustration of Rock n Roll set that might be include around 3-4 more,and got a chance to clear my new working space : ) that would like to take a picture for you guys to see,but in this one is the small table ,the big one that I always draw an illustration ,I didn’t have time to work on it yet. : P

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Inspired illustration week 9 : The Combination of M/M Paris & Neogeo

Hey my friends ,this time I upload my works that inspired by 2 combination graphic style of  M/M Paris & Neogeo.I think this week I have done some works that I really like and I think it’s my style because I love mixed-media ,combination of photo picture and illustration ,hope you guys like them : )

  • M/M (Paris) is an art and design partnership consisting of Mathias Augustyniak (b. 1967, Cavaillon) and Michael Amzalag (b. 1968, Paris), established in Paris in 1992.
  • NeoGeo : Basic forms such as circles, squares and triangles are increasingly being used in creative work. One sees crystalline structures, diamonds, rhombi, patterns and grid-like frames. Elements influenced by the psychedelic and OpArt of the 1960s and 70s are being combined with the acid colors of the late 80s.(NeoGeo makes clear that this current abstract work is not a nostalgic phenomenon; rather, it borrows from illustration, collage, typography and computer art to create a whole new visual language)

    The combination design of M/M Paris & Neogeo by Chatchanok WongvacharaThe combination design of M/M Paris & Neogeo by Chatchanok WongvacharaThe combination design of M/M Paris & Neogeo by Chatchanok WongvacharaThe combination design of M/M Paris & Neogeo by Chatchanok Wongvachara

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    Last week,our photoshoot class has an assignment for Beauty photoshoot.

    The concept is surrealistic style “indéfinissable” (“It isn’t a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that’s beautiful.” – Bill Cosby)

    and after shoot the photography,we decided to make a cover for V magazine.

    About the Make up ,I would credit Petchiiez for this amazing beauty make up technique  and my team too.

    For retouching  credit Me and my friend Timotiae and won’t miss our model “Pam Supreeyanan”

    And here are full credit for this week ,and I have other old assignment that will post later about Product perfume magazine advertising : )

    Beauty photoshoot week2
    credit information
    MODEL : Pam Supreeyanan
    PHOTOGRAPHER : me (pnk*38)
    RETOUCHING : me (pnk*38) + timotiae
    MAKE UP & STYLING : Petchiiez
    Assistant : Natha

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    Inspired illustration week 3

    This week my dimensional graphic class gave us to made an illustration that inspired from 2 famous illustrator “Julie Verhoeven” and “m/m Paris” style

    to answer my lifestyle’s question such as ,What’s purpose of dating ? Do you believe in premarital sex? What does your room look like?

    • Julie Verhoeven is an artist and designer based in London.

    After studying fashion she began her career assisting John Galliano before working in the fashion industry as a designer, illustrator, creative director and tutor.

    • M/M (Paris) is an art and design partnership consisting of Mathias Augustyniak (b. 1967, Cavaillon) and Michael Amzalag (b. 1968, Paris)[1], established in Paris in 1992.

    This week I’ve worked for 20 pieces of design and here are some of them : )

    And there’re still many more from my first week and second week too,hope to find sometime update this : )

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    Infomation is fun

    Last Thursday I’ve been working on Information graphic for my report so I decided to skip packaging design class TT

    because I hadto work for group project by created information graphic about Plastic factory that we met last week at Conimex co.

    This one took me for 4-5 hours to do it but it’s very fun doing this poster.


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    I found that this works of mine that I have done in Creative Design Magazine class of Aj.Araya is quite interesting ; ) This works has formed up the concept in team that I have done with my friend “Plaimanas”.The concept called “Metropolis kid” And if you interest please take a visit to my friend blog,she has done this project as well Happygraff

    It’s an experimental magazine that design in any concept that ups to the target of your idea.GURU magazine was  an expert magazine for Bangkok teenager.My Target group is for men living in high-society,have a fun night life every week use brand name stuff and ride sport-car : P

    All of  Magazine cover was to experiment and challenge myself to put the logo in the middle of magazine itself so it might be difficult to create some piece that can be flexible but I think I can and my instructor told me that I’ve done quite well because it’s new and unique.

    By the order the first one is a concept of “Night life” so I use picture of Neon and night club just to make the feeling of Fun night with Neon light.

    The second one use illustration , just to show life style of target group.

    The third one use typography ,showing a concept of metropolis and living in high building.

    And The last two are final works that my instructor choose , complete with the concept and tactics in itself

    This one want to show the concept of being drunk by the feeling of color and typography that hard to look ,with the meaning of text “Oh Sh*t I think i forgot what i did last night at Thonglor night club”

    This one want show the pattern that looks like Louis Vuitton but if you look in to it ,the objects are all about Bangkok.

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    Talk to me

    Wow,Today I ‘m so glad to introduce some of my works and interview in website or some of magazine online stuff !! Since My first semester this year ,My works have been published in some several magazine and online article : )

    And Here are my other interview from Advance Photoshop magazine that pubplished in UK and my junior student “Tarin or TAB” has published his work here too : )

    In Display Magazine  issue 42 “Gallery” part , if you interest to read ,you can download in Window or Mac version here. And there are some mistake in this .My internship was at conscious not at consciuosness !! haha : P

    And some other are from blog or online article : ) ,by the way thank you so much for keep supporting my works







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