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Yeah!! Just got time to write new article .This is my new inspiration work for My Faculty creative departure in print design class.

MICRO//SCOPE , the main idea of this concept is to explore the new land of experimental inspiration.To think of experimental ,the first idea that come up to my thought is science .And about this idea is that I’ve got inspiration from “The Beauty of Science” .To look in the details ,sometime you don’t have to go find them anywhere but to look around yourself.Everything we feel touch see or hear are so simple and beautiful.So the shape of inspiration that i pick are coming from nature and living cells in microscope perspective.For me Scientist and Artist(or Designer) have something in common but to live in the different world like a parallel line .We create ,explore and focus in something that few of people notice. And that’s coming to my second idea of inspiration called “MAD MEN”, only mad people can see and think of something differently and that idea can change the world.“So do not say that it’s impossible because IT’S POSSIBLE”

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