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Life Time

After working with P’Taechit in Collaboration in Duotone for Computer arts .I have an idea to make illustration in my own concept by using old illustrate from this project.The concept are the same in main idea of Path life time job of graphic designer .All of the gimmick are already communicated of the concept already,so I work and play with the lay-out and it becames like this ^^


These are unused part , and there are many more but I didn’t publish in the blog.

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Collaboration in Duotone

Last month I got a call from P’ Vichuda Kruehirun editorial staff of Computer arts Thailand magazine ,asked for me to participate in the project of Happy Anniversary for 2 years of Computer arts Thailand magazine.To work with other 5 young designer in different major.Each designer have to make a couple and work together for one project in one week. I have done collaboration work with Taechit Jiropaskosol, Motion Graphic Designer if you remembered I have already said about him in this article .We have work together in 7 days .I have done in illustration part and Taechit has done in motion graphic part.

Finally the project came out successfully .I must say thank you for Computer Arts Thailand that giving me this opportunity to work for fun : )

Our project named as “II” .We conceptualized the idea that about Graphic Designer path of life time job ,inspired by shape and form of optical illusion art to make it infinity even though our life(Designer) are working so hard but we still have fun with it.For more our project has been published in Computer Arts Thailand issue 25 with 2 more works form 4 designer : )

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02 I wanna say…NO-UN

วันนี้หลังจากคุยกับ Tarin แล้วก็เข้าไปเช็คเว็บ citid แล้วเจองานของพี่คนนี้ พี่อ๊อฟ คนไทยคนเดียวที่มีงานลงอยู่ ณ ขณะนั้นก็เลยลองตามลิ้งของเว็บพี่เค้าไปดูก็เจอว่า เฮ้ย งานคุ้นๆ งานพี่คนนี้เท่มาก 55+ คุ้นๆในที่นี้คือเคยเจอใน youworkforthem แล้วชอบมาก เป็นคนไทยนี่เอง

พอเจอกับพี่เค้าใน facebook แล้วแอ๊ดคุยกันก็น่ารักมาก พี่อ๊อฟอัธยาศัยดีมาก ต่อไปก็คงจะได้คุยกันมากขึ้น วันนี้ก็อย่างที่ว่าได้เจออะไรเยอะแยะน่าเล่า : )

Yeah!! This guy is another Great Thai graphic designer that I’ve met today(in Facebook BTW)Taechit Jiropaskosol or Aof ” and ” Panithi Khachonpisitsak ” after talk with Tarin , I found his work in Citid project and went after to check his website” Wow this guy was the designer that I’ve admired before ,never know that he’s THAI “and I found him in facebook and talked with him.He’s so friendly and inspiring me and it’s such a pleasure too that I’ve talk too him.

This is some of his work : )

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