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Hope process1
Project : Hair for Hope (Won Bronze Cannes award)

Name : Hope

Client : Leo Burnett 

This is illustration that hasn’t been use in the project so I could publish to Behance.

The idea is that to encourage in people of being cure in chemotherapy of cancer.

So the entire project is using hair of real patient to create artwork.

This part of illustration was suppose to be in printing media part but the project is delay so

I’m not sure that if this will use in the future.

The idea of illustration is using typo illustration to tell the story of Love that give you hope.

Love from lover , love from parents and family that use the animal as symbolic because

they are pure and suitable of this project.

The Original exhibition please visit here


Creative Director : Puripong Limwanatipong

Artist: Imhathai Suwatthanasilp

Concept by: The Leo Burnett Group Thailand

Leo Burnett Thailand has sponsored an art exhibit featuring original art sculptures

created from the hair of chemotherapy patients. The sculptures will be available

for purchase, with all proceeds going to benefit cancer patients.

hope bw hope color

Hope process1

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Illustration Project “Rebirth” for Artjunks that will publish for free download wallpaper.

Rebirth Rebirth Process2 Rebirth Process1 Rebirth zoom1 Rebirth zoom2 Rebirth zoom3

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I forgot to post this for a while.My works have been published in IdN vol : 19n2: Sexual Graphics (Visual Orgasm) ,Thank you so much.

My Page in IdN

It’s in article : Creative Country: Thailand

Can creativity unite a divided nation?
The land of smiles, paradisiacal beaches and Buddhist stoicism has recently been put to some severe tests, experiencing major political turmoil and calamitous natural disasters. But throughout it all, the creative community held fast – and the country’s advertising industry is even making inroads on international awards. Find out where today’s Thai scene is at with this lowdown from 11 of its leading artists/designers.

Tarin Yuangtrakul | Chatchanok Wongvachara | Eakkarlak Sangtongchai | Norrasak Ramasute | Prompt Design | Ise Ratta Ananphada | Suralert Jirawangso | Sulaimarn Poh-Asae | Paputh Nimchuar | Unchalee “Leee” Anantawat | Eyedropper Fill

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แต่ง-งาน Thesis Exhibition of Creative Arts 24th

Yeah!! , so this work may be my last work for my faculty and soon I will graduate from Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts department of Creative Arts : Graphic design of Chulalongkorn University. My Thesis Exhibition will start the opening ceremony at CentralWorld 1st floor Atrium Zone about 6.00 pm.

These are all of the process that me and my friends work for visual concept of Wedding theme.

Our exhibition name is “แต่ง-งาน” support ตกแต่งงานด้วยความคิด to communicated that we are designer who decorate piece of work into design with our creative ideas.And so that we play with words in Thai of แต่ง + งาน so it have double meaning that mean for wedding too.

So we use key visual of wedding theme to decorate the poster.All of element from wedding to play and make our concept to become strong visual.

{แต่ง-งาน} : ตกแต่งงานด้วยความคิด : CREATIVE ARTS Chula 24th THESIS EXHIBITION
CREATIVE ARTS 24th THESIS EXHIBITION 2012Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
Department Of Creative ArtsProudly Present
{แต่ง-งาน} : ตกแต่งงานด้วยความคิด

ของนิสิตชั้นปีที่ 4 ภาควิชานฤมิตศิลป์ รุ่นที่ 24

วันที่ 2-4 เมษายน 2555
พิธีเปิด 2 เมษายน 2555
เวลา 18:00 น
Central world ชั้น 1 บริเวณ Atrium Zone

2-4 April, 2012
18:00 Opening ceremony
At Central World Department Store1st Floor, Atrium Zone

These are finish one and our process – style : digital painting : )

For more information please visit Our Facebook Page

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Grand Palace : Renovated

My Independent design class that I can choose whatever project that I want to do.

So I decide to renovate my old Grand Palace project .

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Talk to me II

Recently,I have an online interview through e-mail that sent from Computer Arts Thailand , Thank you so much fro their support and I have an opportunity to publish some of my works : ) It’s  in Computer Arts Thailand issue 21 (lucky number) a small article “Exposure” That open widely for young designer to publish their works here.

My work that I didn’t have time to publish on my blog is now here publish in this magazine

Part 2 of graphic of lyrics “Virgin Suicide” from Van She


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Inspired illustration week 1 and Collage

Recently,I just have a lots of works and don’t have time to do any illustration or experimental graphic but here I would like to share some of my works class

that I also have time to try Fashion collage look style for Dimensional graphic book and Graphic mood board information.

Also I would like to introduce my friend’s blog ” Timo t i a e” , he has many wonderful Fashion Graphic collage works that better than mine and great perspective of Fashion design.If you have time please visit his works in his blog here : )

And these are some of my works that just started for last week and also in the next couple of month ,each weeks I have to do graphic works more than 50 pieces (That’s a lot and it can kill me )

Thanks for watching : )

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I found that this works of mine that I have done in Creative Design Magazine class of Aj.Araya is quite interesting ; ) This works has formed up the concept in team that I have done with my friend “Plaimanas”.The concept called “Metropolis kid” And if you interest please take a visit to my friend blog,she has done this project as well Happygraff

It’s an experimental magazine that design in any concept that ups to the target of your idea.GURU magazine was  an expert magazine for Bangkok teenager.My Target group is for men living in high-society,have a fun night life every week use brand name stuff and ride sport-car : P

All of  Magazine cover was to experiment and challenge myself to put the logo in the middle of magazine itself so it might be difficult to create some piece that can be flexible but I think I can and my instructor told me that I’ve done quite well because it’s new and unique.

By the order the first one is a concept of “Night life” so I use picture of Neon and night club just to make the feeling of Fun night with Neon light.

The second one use illustration , just to show life style of target group.

The third one use typography ,showing a concept of metropolis and living in high building.

And The last two are final works that my instructor choose , complete with the concept and tactics in itself

This one want to show the concept of being drunk by the feeling of color and typography that hard to look ,with the meaning of text “Oh Sh*t I think i forgot what i did last night at Thonglor night club”

This one want show the pattern that looks like Louis Vuitton but if you look in to it ,the objects are all about Bangkok.

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Talk to me

Wow,Today I ‘m so glad to introduce some of my works and interview in website or some of magazine online stuff !! Since My first semester this year ,My works have been published in some several magazine and online article : )

And Here are my other interview from Advance Photoshop magazine that pubplished in UK and my junior student “Tarin or TAB” has published his work here too : )

In Display Magazine  issue 42 “Gallery” part , if you interest to read ,you can download in Window or Mac version here. And there are some mistake in this .My internship was at conscious not at consciuosness !! haha : P

And some other are from blog or online article : ) ,by the way thank you so much for keep supporting my works







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Yeah,now I got a chance to published my last project of Fashion photo class.It’s the final fashion photo shoot works,think I will take a break about photography and go back to do some experimental graphic again because I just finish my first semester of year 3 ; P but only for 2 weeks!!!! GOSHHH

About this final fashion photoshoot project,I have really great experiencing to work with many professional of photography – P’Mai / make up artist – P’Golf and model – Dasha.

These project couldn’t happen if I didn’t get help from Petchiiez NATNICHA OPASSUKSATIT. She’s young fresh fashion designer , you can see lots of my photshoot has done with her help and this one too.It’s her lastest collection for SAHA GROUP young designer competition 2010.Inspired by 2012 movie which scared me to launch out this collection.This collection presented the outfits that wearable & also can be protect us from natural disasters.

This is her ESCAPIST collection for Saha group fashion design contest.

And these are my final selected to send for final.

final fashion photo ESCAPIST

final fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPISTfinal fashion photo ESCAPIST

Concept : ESCAPIST
Final Fashion photo

credit information
MODEL : Dasha
PHOTOGRAPHER : me (pnk*38)
RETOUCHING : me (pnk*38)
MAKE UP : P’Golf
LOCATION : S Medical Spa

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